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Commercial Film & Photography Permits

Navajo Nation Park & Recreation

***Currently, Filming Permits are NOT being issued at Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park .  We apologize for the Inconvenience. ***  LPNTP

Commercial Film and Photography Permits

Requests for commercial filming and photography in areas under the authority of the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department are received regularly. The purpose of these Commercial Filming and Photography Policy and Procedures is to establish guidelines to be followed in the application for, review, approval/disapproval, of commercial filming and photography permits. Navajo Parks and Recreation Department shall allow commercial filming and photography in tribal parks, recreation areas and monument only in a manner consistent with these policies and procedures.

**Lake Powell  and Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Parks are not accepting any Photo/Film Permits at all.**

*Rates are dependent upon Application. 

 Drones are prohibited within the Tribal Park areas and on Navajo Nation. 

Additional Information

The Navajo Parks and Recreation Department was established by the Advisory Committee of the Navajo Tribal Council pursuant to Resolution CAU-48-64. The Department is responsible for the protection, preservation and conservation of the natural and cultural resources and values within established Navajo Tribal Parks, Monuments and Recreation Areas.

Navajo Parks and Recreation Department, has the authority to issue filming permits in tribal park areas pursuant to Government Services Committee resolution GSCJY-18-04, Section IV. J.

These policies and procedures apply within tribal parks, recreation areas, monuments and other areas under the authority and supervision of the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department. The policy and procedures also apply specifically to filming and photography undertaken for commercial purposes, i.e. for financial gain or public display and exhibition.

Staff/Monitoring Fees:
1-3 days $100/day/staff/on-site
4+ days $200/day/staff/on-site

Processing Fees:
Begins at $100-$250 Processing Fee for All Applications that have all the required information for one (1) person/entity. ($25 additional Processing Fee that involves requests for additional documentation or revisions).

$300 Processing Fee for Weddings, Film companies or Photography workshops that involve four (4) or more people.

$600 Processing Fee for all “After-the-Fact” requests for photography permits. (Permits should be acquired before photo is taken).

$250 Land Usage Fee for all areas. (NN Code, §17.)

DO NOT desecrate Navajo lands and violate the trust of the Navajo people by discarding cremated human remains on tribal lands. Please respect our tribal beliefs.

NO ROCK CLIMBING on Navajo Land. Please abide by the humble religious requests of the Navajo people and do not climb the Monuments. “Navajo law will be strictly enforced on this issue,” Parks Department Manager.

**All off-road areas on the Navajo Nation are closed to non-Navajos, unless you have a valid permit issued by the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department or other delegated tribal entity.  Failure to have a permit is considered Trespassing on a Federal Indian Reservation.**