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NDOH PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY ORDER NO. 2022-004; Declares “Yellow Status” for all Businesses and Increases the maximum occupancy allowed to 75-percent, which includes restaurants, casinos, hotels including campgrounds and RV parks, museums, zoos, marinas and parks, thereby Navajo Parks and Recreation will continue to follow all safety protocols.  All Navajo Tribal Parks are following all NDOH and CDC Guidelines; therefore Navajo Nation mandates Wearing Masks in Public indoor/outdoor. 

***Per Mask Mandate Masks to be worn at all times Indoor/Outdoor.***

Antelope Canyon Tour Operators

All areas of the Antelope Canyon are only accessible via Guided Tour. Tour Guides are mandatory. To make arrangements for your visit to Antelope Canyon, please select a guided tour operator from our list below. The Navajo Nation has a mask mandate and is requiring everyone to Wear a Mask at all times. This is for personal and public protection of any Covid-19 or Delta variants that may be a threat to the Nation.                  Entry Fee $8 per person. 

Navajo Nation Parks & Rec
(928) 871-6647

Land Department/Parks & Recreation 48 West Taylor Rd. Bldg #8966, Hwy 264,  St. Michaels, Arizona 86515

Our Mission is to protect, preserve and manage tribal parks, monuments and recreation areas for the perpetual enjoyment and benefit of the Navajo Nation – the spectacular landscapes, buttes, canyons, clean air, diversity of plants and wildlife, and areas of beauty and solitude.