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Navajo Nation Park & Recreation

We offer a variety of permits for both commercial and private visitors. If you would like to hike or camp in one of our Navajo Tribal Parks, you are required to purchase a Backcountry Permit. This allows you to stay within the Tribal Park locations for overnight and hike the location.  Visitors who are planning on Filming and Photography at Navajo Tribal Park location are required to request a Commercial Film or Photography Permit.  Costs will be given to you on an Invoice and you pay that amount. All Entry onto Navajo Tribal Park locations are at your own risk. Navajo Nation is not liable for any lost or stolen items. We ask that you follow all Navajo Nation Rules and Regulations.       

Drones are Prohibited at all Navajo Tribal Park locations. 

Permits do not include Entry Fee. To purchase, please select a type of permit below.