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Unlock the iconic beauty of Monument Valley

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Info Backcountry Permits are for hiking and camping on Designated trails and Campgrounds. If you are caught hiking or camping without a Backcountry Permit, or on/in unauthorized territory, additional fees will apply.

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This great valley boasts sandstone masterpieces that tower at heights of 400 to 1,000 ft., framed by scenic clouds casting shadows that graciously roam the desert door. The angle of the sun accents these graceful formations, providing scenery that is simply spellbinding.

The landscape overwhelms, not just by its beauty but also by its size. The fragile pinnacles of rock are surrounded by miles of mesas and buttes, shrubs, trees and windblown sand, all comprising the magnificent colors of the valley. All of this harmoniously combines to make Monument Valley a truly wondrous experience. You enter the Navajo Nation at your own risk.

DO NOT desecrate Navajo lands and violate the trust of the Navajo people by discarding cremated human remains on tribal lands. Please respect our tribal beliefs. Cremation is Prohibited on the Navajo Nation.

NO ROCK CLIMBING on Navajo Land. Please abide by the humble religious requests of the Navajo people and do not climb the Monuments. “Navajo law will be strictly enforced on this issue,” Parks Department Manager.  NO DRONES ALLOWED on Navajo Land. Please abide by all Navajo Nation Laws. DRONES are Prohibited on the Navajo Nation.

All areas on the Navajo Nation are Closed to non-Navajos unless you have a valid pass or permit issued by the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department or other delegated tribal authority. Failure to have a permit is considered Trespassing on a Federal Indian Reservation.

***Please be advised: The Monument Valley 17 mile Loop Drive is all natural and dirt road. The Loop Drive has very rough terrain and deep sand dunes. We ask that you have a vehicle that will withstand the rough terrain. It is at your own risk when you enter the loop drive. ***