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Monument Valley Tour Operators

Navajo Nation Park & Recreation

To book a guided tour in Monument Valley, please select a tour operator from the list below.

There are tour guides available upon arrival.

Hours of Operation:

April 6, 2024 – May 3. 2024: Monday thru Sunday
Visitor Center/Fee Booth: 7am – 8pm
Scenic Drive: 7am – 8pm, last vehicle entering at 6pm
May 4, 2024 – September: Monday thru Sunday
Visitor Center/Fee Booth: 6am – 8pm
Scenic Driver: 6am – 8pm, last vehicle entering at 6pm
Admin Office: Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm


The Monument Valley 17- mile loop is accessible by vehicle only. You can purchase Entry Fee and Guided tour upon your arrival. RV’s, Camper van’s, motorcycles and Large SUV’s or Off-Road Vehicles are Prohibited on the valley drive. Valley drive has rough terrain and deep sand dunes.

Entry to all Navajo Tribal Park areas are enter at your own risk. Dogs are Prohibited at all Navajo Tribal Park locations.

Designated Hiking Trails are at your own risk. We ask that you sign in/out at each location for trail usage. Trails are open during Navajo Tribal Park Hours of Operations 8am to 5pm. Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared for unpredictable weather, always stay hydrated and be aware of your surroundings.

The mask mandate has been lifted and the use of a mask is at your discretion.

All Navajo Tribal Parks are Closed on: Thanksgiving Day, NN Family Day (day after Thanksgiving), Christmas Day, New Year’s Day.

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park Security will be on duty and monitoring the area.


Monument Valley Guided Tour Operators

  • Tinhorn Tour  ph. 928-489-9128
  • MV Dineh Bekeyah Tours  ph. 928-409-0088
  • MV Twin Warriors Tours  ph. 928-429-8628
  • Sandstone Tours   ph. 435-200-5450
  • Monument Valley Rain God Mesa Tours  ph. 928-606-9422
  • Monument Valley Safari, LLC   ph. 435-220-0539
  • Three Sister Navajo Guided Tours   ph. 602-327-2472
  • Blackwater Tours  ph. 435-727-3312
  • Monumental Tours   ph. 435-444-9529
  • Tinhorn Tours   ph. 928-383-0783
  • Monument Valley Tours  ph. 435-727-3313.
  • Horse Trail Rides

    • Dineh Trail Rides ph. 928-209-2692
    • Tse Bii Trail Rides ph. 928-489-2593