Guided Tours

Tours by the Window Rock Navajo Veteran’s Office 928-871-6413 / 7286, David Nez.

Tours for Council Chambers – call in advance 928-871-6417, ask for Harold.


The Navajo Nation is comprised of more than 25,000 square miles and offers hikers numerous isolated trails and routes. For the safety of hikers who enter the reservation and for the protection of natural and cultural resources, the Parks and Recreation Department has implemented guidelines for backcountry use. (read more…)

The most popular trail, in this area is the trail which leads up behind Window Rock formation. Please stay on the trails and hike with precaution. The trails are not improved or maintained, and are usually marked with rock claims. Rock climbing is not allowed.

Hiking in fall and winter months are discouraged due to cold and icy snow conditions.

Please bring your own water when hiking in the spring and summer months. Pack out all trash and litter, and do not feed the wildlife.

Park at your own risk, near Fleet Management Office.

Information can be obtained for trails in Window Rock Navajo Tribal Park area at the Park Office:

Window Rock Navajo Tribal Park Office
Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm
P.O. Box 2520
Window Rock, AZ 8651

Purchase Admission & Permits!
Purchase Admission & Permits!