MV Guided Tours

Vehicle & Hiking Tours
Bennett Guided Tours Martha Bennett 435-727-3283
Blackwater Tours  Valentino Blackwater 435-727-3312
Crawley’s Monument Tours Michelle Jensen-Crawley 928-429-6833
Dineh Trail Rides Lorraine Black 928-209-2692
Daniel’s Guided Tours Marcella Chee
435-727-3227, 928-349-0953
MV Dineh Bekeyah Tours Charlene Johnson
 Fred’s Adventure Tours  Fred Cly 435-739-4294, 435-444-9599
Goulding’s Lodge & Tours  Ronnie Biard  435-727-3231
Homeland Tours Albert Atene
435-727-7810, 435-459-1711
 Majestic MV Touring Co.  Dwayne Holiday
 Mitten View Tours  John Joe Holiday
928-429-4672, 435-444-9760
 Phillips Photography Tours  Carl Phillips  928-429-0040
 Monumental Tours  Tano Haycock 435-444-9529, 435-444-9958
 Sisco’s Tours  George E. Sisco  928-697-3586, 928-429-1821
MV Holiday Tours Steven Holiday 435-459-2782
 MV Jeep Guided Tours  Royden Teeasyatoh
435-727-3218, 928-380-4527
 MV Red Rock Tours  Aaron Holiday
530-520-7197, 928-707-9050
MV Safari Nathan Holiday
435-727-3340, 929-209-1364
 Mustang Valley Tours  John P. Bigman  928-429-9127
 Monument Valley Tours  Vergil Bedoni
Navajo Guided Tour Service Linda Jackson
435-444-9621/ 9674
 Navajo Jeep Tours  Anthony Peterman
928-429-0610, 928-489-2008
 Navajo Spirit Tours  Garry Holiday Jr.
Sandstone Tours Candace Blackwater
Simpson’s Trailhandler Tours Harold Simpson
435-727-3454/ 3362
 Three Sisters Navajo Guided Tours  Shannon Cly
307-257-0457, 928-221-4697
 Valley View Guided Tours Mary Holiday
Horseback Tours
Black’s Jeep Tours Roy Black
 Sacred Monument Tours  Leroy Teeasyatoh
435-727-3218, 928-380-4527
Wildwest Trailride Hubert Atene
435-459-2626, 435-739-4395

A permit is required by the Navajo Nation for any person conducting or providing guided tour services of any kind. Contact the department for more information or view the park information on this website by selecting the park.

Navajo Nation Law (Title 5, Navajo Nation Code, §2501 et seq.), as amended, provides for the regulation of tour operators and guide services within the jurisdictional limits of the Navajo Nation. This law gives the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department (Authority) specific authority to issue reasonable rules and regulations to implement this Act, and which rules and regulations are herein prescribed.

Purchase Admission & Permits!
Purchase Admission & Permits!