Self Guided Tours

SELF GUIDED TOURS at Little Colorado River Gorge

Contact Park Office to obtain camping & hiking permits.

To reach the trails and routes in these areas, long drives of rough dirt roads are required.  Roads can become impassable in wet weather and conditions can change quickly, so travelers should be prepared. A topographic map is usually helpful in reaching the trailheads.

The hikers using this area are usually experienced Grand Canyon hikers who are attracted by the spectacular natural beauty, the challenge of the difficult routes and the fewer number of other hikers that are encountered.

The most popular trails in this area are the Hopi Salt Trail and the Blue Springs Trails. The other routes are infrequently used, although this may change. This area is becoming more widely known and may be included in a forthcoming Sierra Club guidebook to the Grand Canyon.

Information and permits can be obtained for trails along the Colorado River, Marble Canyon, Jackass Canyon, Salt Trail Canyon, Totahatso Point, Rainbow Bridge trails, Cove Mesa, Coal Mine Canyon and areas in the western portion of the Navajo Nation.

Little Colorado River Tribal Park Office / Visitor Center
P.O. Box 459
Cameron, AZ  86020
tel : 928-679-2303
fax : 928-679-2017

Purchase Admission & Permits!
Purchase Admission & Permits!