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Vacant, Parks & Maintence Worker
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We are located on the Cottonwood Campground, Loop 1

Directions to our Office:
Navajo Parks & Recreation
From Hwy 191, turn East on IR 7 for 3.5 miles, CC is just south of CDCNM Visitor Center.
Vacant, Park Manager
(928) 674-2106 voice

• Visitors entering the back country of the park must obtain a permit and be accompanied by an authorized guide, NPS or Navajo Parks and Recreation employee. Entrance into canyon is at own risk. The park does not provide towing service.
• The Superintendent or Park Manager may close areas or restrict travel within the park due to hazardous conditions or for the protection and preservation of park resources.
• Report all emergences and illegal or suspicious activities to a Park Ranger immediately. After hours, call 911 or the Navajo Nation Police. Tribal law, Title 14 NNC § 222, requires written reports of accidents, bodily injury, death or damage in excess of $300 to be submitted to the Division of Public Safety. • Drugs and alcohol are prohibited on the Navajo Nation per Title 17 NNC §394 and §410.
• The use of aircraft of any type is prohibited, including fixed wing, helicopters, hot air balloons, drones, hang gliders or parachutes.
• Wildlife and domestic animals in the park shall not be disturbed, harmed or captured.
• All natural and cultural resources are protected by law. The permittee or participants will not enter, destroy, deface, disturb or collect objects from any archeological site or natural feature.
• The permittie may not enter any Navajo home or fenced property unless specifically authorized by the owner. A signature of owner(s) is required on permit application.
• Vehicles in the back country must be four wheel drive with high clearance. All wheel drive cars, ATV’s, motorcycles, APV’s are prohibited.
• Photographs may be taken of wildlife and other natural features where the wildlife or natural features are not disturbed or harmed. Permission is required for photography of canyon residents, their homes or livestock.
• Balloons of any type are prohibited.
• Pets are not allowed on hiking trails or in the canyons. Pets must be on a leash at all times in the campground or parking lot areas. Pet owners are responsible for picking up pet waste.
• ALL litter, including cigarette butts must be disposed of in designated receptacles.
• Fires are permitted in the grills in the campground. Ground fires are prohibited in all locations of the park. Collection of fire wood is prohibited. The park observes all fire restrictions issued by the Navajo Nation. Extinguish all fires before dumping ashes or leaving camp site.
• Event signs, banners or flags are not permitted inside buildings, on park signs, fences or gates or any natural features.
• Vehicles must not obstruct traffic and park in designated parking areas only. Public parking for a maximum of 35 vehicles is available at the day use picnic area next to Cottonwood Campground. Do not park along road way and parking overnight in day use area is prohibited.
• Restrooms are located at the visitor’s center, campground/picnic area, and at Antelope House Ruin and White House Ruin.
• Visitors must be accompanied by authorized guides certified by the NPS and Navajo Parks and Recreation Department to provide commercial guiding services. All guides are private contractors, arrangements and payments for their services must be made directly with the guide. To insure public safety and protection of park resources the following ratios are required: One guide for 5 vehicles, one guide up to 6 horseback riders, and one guide for up to 10 hikers.
• Private livestock requires documentation of vaccination records in advance of use and are not allowed to be boarded in campground.
• Overnight stays in all areas except the Cottonwood Campground require additional permits/fees. Any backcountry campers must provide their own portable toilets and cook stoves. All campers are responsible for proper removal and disposal of waste and trash. Catholes or burying of waste or trash is strictly prohibited. Guides or landowners are not responsible for providing these items for overnight camping.

Purchase Admission & Permits!
Purchase Admission & Permits!