Facility Rentals

Window Rock Navajo Tribal Park & Veteran’s Memorial Park Ramada

window rock ramada

Half Day Use $25.00

Full Day Use $50.00

  • All renters must take all trash accumulated throughout their event before leaving the park.
  • One vehicle is allowed inside  the  picnic  area  for  unloading  and  loading  purposes.
  • Parking  on  eastside  of  picnic  area.
  • No  dogs  are  allowed.Any  event  held  at  Window  Rock  Tribal  Park  are  restricted  to  the  picnic  area.   Events  are  NOT  permitted  on  the   Veterans  Memorial.Any  damages  to  park  facilities  shall  result  in  forteiture  of  Security  Deposit. Deposit  will  be  returned  after   inspection  and  no  damages  found.

    The  Navajo  Nation  is  not  responsible  for  any  injuries,  accidents,  or  thefts  of  personal  property  during  your  visit. Consumption/possession  of  alcoholic  beverages,  or  illegal  drugs  is  prohibited. Reservation forms will  be  approved  based  on  the  order  received.

    Print reservation form for large group ramada.

    Fax : 928-871-6637 (Attn: Carm Laughlin)
    Email to : carm@navajonationparks.org



Need to make an announcement?
Digital Marquee located at the Navajo Nation Fairgrounds along Hwy 264

Ask for Public Information Officer

928.871.6632 / 6642

Download Request Form

Camp Asaayi Youth Camp 40 or more users $7.00/user/day
40 or less users $200.00/day
Kitchen only $125.00 with a cleaning deposit of $50.00
Recreation $100/day
Group Shelters (fits up to 200 people) $75 (all day), $50 ( half day)-tables, chairs & built in grill
Hogan $75/day
Watercraft Rental
(canoes and pedal boats)

Based on availability during season. Life jackets are included with every watercraft rented.

Asaayi Lake Camping Area at Bowl Canyon Recreation Area

North Shore: Open to camping & picnicking 24hr/day. Camping Permit required. Camping permit available at Camp Asaayi headquarters. Permit fees vary according to season.

South Shore: Camp sites based on availability, reservations accepted but not necessary. Campgrounds recently renovated. No running water, please bring water and all supplies for camping or picnicking Camping Fees are:
$15.00/night (up to 7 campers)
$25.00/night (more than 7 campers)

An entrance fee will be charged for a day use upon entering the south shore. Summer day use hours are 7 am-7 pm. Winter use is limited by hiking, area closed to vehicles.
Summer Day Use Fee: $10.00/vehicle

A group shelter is available for group events. Group shelter maybe reserved in advance, at the camp headquarters.
Group Shelter Fees: $25.00/half-day (5 hours or less), $50.00/full-day (5 hours or more)

Download : Bowl Canyon/Camp Asaayi Group Shelter or Ramada Reservation Form

Camp Asaayi Requirements – all requirements must be met prior encampment or application will be denied. No Exceptions. No waivers of any kind will be allowed.

Liability Insurance – Sufficient liability insurance is required (minimum of $1 million dollar policy) to use the facilities at Camp Asaayi. Navajo Nation affiliated groups may apply for insurance coverage with Risk Management Department of the Navajo Nation.
Contact (928)871-6335

Food Handlers Permit – Navajo Area Indian Health Services requires all kitchen personnel (cooks & helpers) to have valid food services certificate. The food services certificate must be posted in kitchen area while using Camp Asaayi Facility. NAIHS (928)729-3425

Security Deposit – All Groups and organizations scheduled to use Camp Asaayi must have a valid certification in both First Aid and CPR.

Payment Method – All payment transactions must be made by cashiers check, or money orders.
(NO cash or personal checks will be accepted)

Window Rock Sports Center and Nakai Hall

Call 928-871-6667 / 6647

Purchase Admission & Permits!
Purchase Admission & Permits!