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About Navajo Tribal Parks

The Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation is one of the oldest programs within the  Navajo Nation Government, which was established in 1954 by the Navajo Nation Tribal Council. Thus, began the responsibility of the Navajo Tribal Parks to the Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation Department. 

The Mission of the Navajo Parks & Recreation Department is to...
"Manage, Protect, Navajo Tribal Parks, monuments and recreation areas for the perpetual long-term benefit of the Navajo people."

The Navajo Nation Reservation is over 25,000 miles and covers over four states NM, UT, CO and AZ. There for the laws, regulations, and policies brought forth by the Navajo Nation is governed by the Navajo Nation Laws and Policies.  Please be cognizant of all NN Laws while visiting our tribal parks.

We protect the Little Colorado River, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Four Corners, Canyon de Chelly - Campground, Bowl Canyon and Navajo Veterans Memorial Park. 

 Recycle, Reuse, Renew, Save Mother Earth!  "Hozh'o for future generations!"